• Study reports abnormally high VTE and high bleed risk in critically ill Covid-19 patients and calls for more effective prevention strategies.
  • Clinicians at NHS hospitals are supporting the care of Covid-19 patients with the use of geko™ devices to reduce the risk of blood clots in the most at risk patients.
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VTE incidence remains a major public health issue in the U.S.

31% incidence of VTE reported in ICU patients with Covid-19 infections, similar risk of VTE and bleeding issues like nonsurgical patients.

Majority of nonsurgical patients at high VTE risk do not receive optimal DVT prevention therapy.

ASH panel recommends mechanical VTE prophylaxis in patients with high bleeding risk (Schunemann paper)

Traditional mechanical prophylaxis (IPC) appears to be of limited benefit in VTE prevention and may impair recovery (Schunemann paper)

Compliance is poor with mechanical devices in immobilized nonsurgical patients (CLOTS 1 and 3)

The gekoTM device is an effective choice for VTE prevention when IPC devices are contraindicated, non-compliant or refused by patients, or not available

The gekoTM device implementation reduces VTE by 46%

Patient tolerance is over 92% compared to 80% tolerance of IPC (p=.00001)

Easy to transition from hospital to step down facility or home