• Study reports abnormally high VTE and high bleed risk in critically ill COVID-19 patients and calls for more effective prevention strategies.
  • Clinicians at NHS hospitals are supporting the care of COVID-19 patients with the use of geko™ devices to reduce the risk of blood clots in the most at risk patients.
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Wound therapy

Countess of Chester Hospital
NHS Foundation Trust

Accelerating closure of hard-to-heal complex wounds

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Following NICE guidance (MTG19)1 recommending use of the geko™ device for VTE prophylaxis, we have adopted the geko™ for high-risk VTE patients where drugs or other mechanical methods of VTE prevention are contraindicated or impractical.

Through targeted evaluations, I have also explored use of the geko™ in the healing process for patients with chronic venous insufficiency. Of note, was the introduction of geko™ as an adjunct therapy in the care regime of Mr Gordon Vickers, a patient with a hard-to-heal mixed aetiology ulcer, where pain and immobility had impacted the severity of his leg ulceration.

Hospitalized twice over a 6 month period, geko™ device usage was introduced at week 35 and controlled to 6 hours a day, five days a week. The combined geko™ + compression wound therapy delivered a significant reduction in the observed oedema and an accelerated wound healing process, resulting in total wound closure at week 23 post geko™ introduction2.

Mr Vickers treatment, also comprised of strong analgesia and antibiotics delivered intravenously, requiring hospital stays. Following geko™ use he reported improvements to quality of life and verbal pain rating, going from severe pain, to moderate, to low pain on treatment completion”.

Comment – Mr Vickers

“The geko™ was fitted above my compression bandage.  At that time, I was willing to try anything to help heal my wound. On discharge from hospital the nursing team thought I might never recover. My wound did though heal, and I was very pleased with how the geko™ device performed. I thought that my condition was irreparable but the geko™ device helped my recovery”.


Week 35

Prior to geko™ treatment.

Week 38

With geko™ treatment.

Week 58

Wound closed.


  1. NICE medical technologies guidance (MTG19). Published date: June 20 2014.
  2. Dimitri S, Pavey N, a targeted approach to healing complex wounds using the geko™ device, Firstkind Ltd, 2016.

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