• Study reports abnormally high VTE and high bleed risk in critically ill COVID-19 patients and calls for more effective prevention strategies.
  • Clinicians at NHS hospitals are supporting the care of COVID-19 patients with the use of geko™ devices to reduce the risk of blood clots in the most at risk patients.
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The geko™ device receives award as best new product or service in Long Term Care.


Each year, the Ontario Long Term Care Association runs an awards program to recognize the remarkable staff, residents, and volunteers in this sector. These awards also incorporate a number of Quality and Innovation Awards which focus on the interplay of people, processes and products with awards in five categories.

Perfuse Medtec Inc. is thrilled to be the recipient of the Ontario Long Term Care Association’s 2016 Best New Product or Service award for the geko™ device, presented at a ceremony during their annual conference. President, George Baran, said “It is an honour to receive such an award. We are all working to improve care of our seniors and we are delighted to be recognized for our efforts in this area.”

The Best New LTC Product or Service award is presented to a new or significantly improved product or service developed or launched by an Association Commercial member that is most likely to have a positive impact on long-term care if more widely adopted. Perfuse Medtec Inc. received the award for its work on the gekoᵀᴹ device and its use in the management of hard to heal wounds at Revera Inc.’s Long Term Care homes.

During the pilot, Revera LTC nurses identified residents with wounds that were not responding well to conventional treatments, then, working in conjunction with the residents and their families, tried out the geko™ device for those residents. Clinical benefits seen included: increased healing (including wound closure), pain reduction, edema reduction and control. Many residents had improved quality of life and in some, their pain was diminished significantly or stopped all together.

Commenting on the award, Trish Barbato, Senior Vice President at Revera said “Effective treatment of wounds is a priority for all Long-Term Care operators. That’s why our residents, family members and staff identified wound care as an area we would focus on through our Revera Innovators in Aging Program. We are very pleased with the performance of the geko™ device, and are keen to work on making this available to Revera LTC residents who could benefit from it.”

Staff and resident satisfaction at the test homes was very high. The Perfuse Medtec teams were delighted with the level of enthusiasm staff exhibited at the homes once they realized how the geko™ device could help their residents.

This Revera LTC evaluation of the gekoᵀᴹ device was a world first and the platform for the international launch of this product in this care setting. Concurrently, five Community Care Access Centres in Ontario are at various stages of evaluating and incorporating the geko™ device onto their formulary.