• Study reports abnormally high VTE and high bleed risk in critically ill COVID-19 patients and calls for more effective prevention strategies.
  • Clinicians at NHS hospitals are supporting the care of COVID-19 patients with the use of geko™ devices to reduce the risk of blood clots in the most at risk patients.
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The geko™ and firefly™ devices win prestigious Japan Good Design Award 2015


Sky Medical Technology Ltd is proud to announce that the geko™ and firefly™ devices have won the prestigious Japan Good Design Award. The awards, run by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), recognise design quality, excellence and functionality.

The geko™ and firefly™ devices, powered by Sky’s ground-breaking neuromuscular electrostimulation technology platform, OnPulse™ have won in two categories – Medical equipment with the geko™ device, and Sport equipment with the firefly™ device.

The size of a wrist-watch and worn at the knee, both devices stimulate the common peroneal nerve activating the calf and foot muscle pumps to increase venous, arterial and microcirculatory blood flow in the lower limbs.

The geko™ device provides venous thromboembolism (VTE) prevention to all at risk hospital patients, and by the same mechanism of action, the firefly™ device reduces swelling after sports injury and reduces muscle soreness following high intensity exercise.

Sky Medical CEO, Bernard Ross, said: “I am delighted that the devices will carry the ‘G Mark’ symbol, which is internationally recognised as a mark of high quality and functional design. We are honoured to have won in two categories. With these prestigious awards, the geko™ and firefly™ devices will now share in the wide recognition enjoyed by British design around the world, and it is to Acumen Design Associates, our world-class design company, that I extend my gratitude and thanks for their design excellence.”

Acumen CEO, Ian DryBurgh, said: “Good design puts people first and goes beyond simple ergonomics. It’s about creating products that look and feel right, particularly if they are to be used every day – the geko™ and the firefly™ devices share this language and I am delighted they have individually won the Good Design Award. At Acumen we share the G Mark philosophy in our drive to create high quality functional design that enriches society”.

Previous competition winners have been GE Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson in the medical equipment category and Nike and Adidas in the sports equipment category.

The geko™ and firefly™ devices will be on display at the Good Design Exhibition 2015 (G Exhibition) at Tokyo Midtown from October 30th- 4th November.