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Sky Medical’s innovative geko™ device, for DVT prevention and oedema reduction, now available through the NHS Supply Chain


Sky Medical Technology Ltd, parent company of Firstkind Ltd, is pleased to announce that the geko™ device is now available through the NHS Supply Chain vascular framework

All NHS procurement personnel can now order the geko™ device through the Supply Chain e-direct catalogue and ordering system, listed under the category: Alternative products for DVT prevention and treatment of venous disease, for blood flow enhancement and for perioperative management of oedema. The size of a wrist-watch and worn at the knee, the disposable, battery powered geko™ device stimulates the common peroneal nerve activating the calf and foot muscle pumps, increasing venous, arterial and microcirculatory blood flow. The increase in blood flow is similar to that achieved by walking, up to 60%, without a patient having to move and without discomfort.

NICE guidance (MTG19) supports use of the geko™ for patients who have a high risk for VTE and for whom pharmacological and other mechanical methods of VTE prevention are impractical or contraindicated. NICE estimates a cost saving of £197 per patient for DVT prevention. The geko™ device also delivers cost savings for the treatment and prevention of oedema.