Deep Vein Study


Studies & trials

Papers (Increased blood circulation)

Measurement of blood flow in the deep veins of the lower limb using the geko™ neuromuscular electro-stimulation device

Authors: Andrew Nicolaides, Dr Maura Griffin

The effect of calf neuromuscular electrical stimulation and intermittent pneumatic compression on thigh microcirculation

Authors: Bahadori S, Immins T, Wainwright T W

Electrical stimulation of motor nerves. An alternative approach for the enhancement of lower limb blood flow

Authors: Tucker A T, Maass A, Bain D S, Azzam M, Dawson H, Johnston A, H

On Pulse™: A potential management for venous thromboembolism

Authors: H. Jawad, DS. Bain, H. Dawson, K. Adams, A. Johnston, AT. Tucker

A comparative study investigating the effectiveness of neuromuscular electrostimulation versus intermittent pneumatic compression in enhancing lower limb blood flow in healthy subjects

Authors: H.Jawad, DS.Bain, H.Dawson, K.Crawford, A.Johnston, AT.Tucker

Neuromuscular electrostimulation via the common peroneal nerve promotes lower limb blood flow in a below-knee cast

Authors: Warwick D.J, Shaikh. A, Gadola. S, Strokes. M, Worsely. P, Bains. D, Tucker A.T

Paper (Wound healing)

Adjunctive application of a muscle pump activator to improve blood flow in patients with lower limb ulcerations related to chronic venous insufficiency

Authors: Michele Suitor RN, MN, NP

Case Studies (Wound healing)

A targeted approach to healing complex wounds using the geko™ device

Authors:S Dimitri, Y Hussain, N Pavey