Experiences of patients who have used the geko™ device

During the release of the geko™ device, key figures have provided feedback...

How the innovative geko™ device developed for DVT prevention assists in recovery from ankle fusion surgery

The revision surgery I underwent in May last year was quite extensive. The left ankle fusion with a bone graft harvested from the site of my previous surgery meant I had two open wounds! When I woke, I was naturally in extreme pain and was given pain relief. This time, however, I was also given a new medical device, called geko™. Fitted to the side of the knee, I wore the small device for 24 hours a day. The geko™ has proven to be fantastic! I have had very little pain, swelling or bruising. On one occasion I forgot to fit the geko™ before bed, and woke in the night in extreme pain. Within 30 minutes of fitting geko™ the pain completely eased. When I had my open cast changed to a full cast, I was able to see the ankle and foot. There was minimal bruising and the surgical wound had healed. There was also less swelling in the foot than before the operation, and this amazed me! This small device has made a real difference. After only a short time on my leg I can hardly feel the geko™ activating the calf muscles. I would recommend the device to anyone having ankle fusion surgery.


Patient who used the device after Fibula fracture 

I used the geko™ device after breaking my Fibula bone. The injury required no surgery but I was advised that my leg would need to be in a plaster cast for six weeks. Although both my consultant and I were sceptical, I started wearing the geko™ device on my broken leg one week after the fracture, every day during the day time only. The device was easy to fit and I experienced no skin irritation, which I do with adhesive materials.

My plaster cast was removed after 5 weeks and two days. I feel certain the increased blood flow, as a result of using geko™, accelerated my recovery. X-rays confirmed the positive healing and my consultant commented on the lack of stiffness in my foot rotation, swelling was moderate and my physios said I've recovered extremely well. I would definitely recommend the geko™ device to others recovering from a broken leg.


Patient who used the device after breaking an ankle

In November 2013, I broke my right ankle during a motorcycle accident. Physiotherapy was great in regaining MY flexibility and walking; yet, I was still experiencing swelling and pain after 7 months.  During a scientific congress in June 2013, where I was on my feet for numerous days, I was introduced to the geko™ device and figured I would give it a try. The impact was remarkable, as within a few days the swelling was reduced significantly and I was able to walk pain free and without a limp. This occurred even though I still was on my feet for the next few days at the conference.

A few months later, I tripped laterally on the right ankle while golfing. The swelling and pain were back.  After one day, I started using the geko device to see if it would help.  Within 2 days, the swelling was gone and pain had subsided significantly.

The geko™ device improved my recovery rate in reducing the swelling and pain both times. The device is very easy to apply and comfortable. I would have no hesitation in recommending this device to anyone seeking to assist the healing process for similar injuries. 


Patient of James Tomkies at Physioelite, Bristol

"I have had a long history of tendon trouble in both my achilles tendons that started in the early 1980's. Since the mid 1990's it essentially went away after treatment from you and use of orthotic inserts in my running shoes.

However in early 2012 I broke my right ankle and after over a year of recovery the tendon trouble began again. Most recently, earlier this year after a 40 minute run the right Achilles tendon flared up. It was heavily swollen, I could not walk without a heavy limp and it looked like a combination of tendinitis and tendonosis. I also managed to give myself ice burns on the ankle from using ice to reduce the swelling.

This meant that you were not able to use and vigorous direct massage. At your suggestion and with minor additional treatment I used a geko™ four times in quick succession. The impact was remarkable to me. Within a few days the swelling subsided and I was able to walk without a limp. I am now able to run again although I am building back up slowly. I would have no hesitation in recommending this treatment to anyone. In addition it was so much less painful than the usual massage and manipulation!"

Patient who used the device after an Ankle Arthroscopy

"The benefits I received from wearing the geko™ device were clear and visible reduced swelling around the ankle and no pain. I was able to have full ankle movement only 10 days post Microfracture. The device was easy to apply, clear instructions received from Nicola, which were easily followed. There is nothing I would change about the geko™ device if I was to wear it again, all seemed to work as required. Excellent product.

When the hours of the device were reduced it was a bit of hit and miss when to wear the device in the daytime, but I presume this will be down to each individual."

Patients who used the device after foot surgery carried out at The Spire Hospital

"Excellent device it kept the swelling at bay, my dressing came of easy after the first week because of no swelling. The instructions from Nikki were very easy to follow and there would be nothing that I would change about the geko™. It was very easy to apply and very comfortable, an excellent device."

"I would certainly recommend the geko™ device, my own experience has been very positive as I feel it has certainly helped the operation on my big toe to heel quickly due to improved circulation to my  lower leg, foot and ankle, therefore reducing the swelling, aiding wound healing and reducing pain and discomfort. The geko™ device improved my recovery rate because the swelling reduced which reduced my pain. I did not need to take any pain killers and I was able to move the toe with less discomfort. The device was very easy to apply and there was no problems encountered, a very neat device." (Patient was a retired nurse).


Patient who used the device after foot surgery carried out at The Bridgewater Hospital

"The geko™ device significantly reduced my pain and swelling, it distracted the pain from my operation site. I liked the fact you could adjust the level of stimulation accordingly with the click of a button. I was able to mobilise independently much quicker than I anticipated. The device was extremely simple to use, I followed a few easy steps as instructed. The battery duration of 24hrs was adequate between devices changes. There was nothing I did not like about the geko™ device, the benefits are outstanding for a simple, non-invasive device. I would definitely recommend the device to anyone needing lower limb surgery. It would be at the top of my list for any future surgical intervention."

Patient who used the device following a total hip replacement at the BMI Harbour Hospital

"The geko™ is a brilliant alternative to the stockings. The stockings are hot, uncomfortable and a nightmare to put on. The geko replaces these totally. The device was so easy to operate."


Patient who used the device after foot surgery carried out by Mr Anand Pillai

"From my experience using the device did not cause any inconvenience and I felt the benefits were all positive. Would have no hesitation using this again. I would have been happy to wear it for a longer period as it did ease the pain. I had a much better recovery period from the previous operation, much easier to sleep at night, as my foot was more comfortable. I had no swelling after one week from the date of my operation. No numbness or pins and needles in my toes and foot compared to operation on the left foot 4 weeks earlier."


A Patient of Pippa Rollit

Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic 

"I recently used the geko™ on a long haul return journey to Australia. The timing was not ideal as I was recovering from a nasty fall which left me with a painful knee injury. It was very tender and was giving me a lot of trouble at night when it would stiffen up when lying in bed. I would wake in the night and need to exercise it in order to get some mobility back. 

I have done this flight on numerous occasions going back to see family over the years having moved to the UK from Australia almost 25 years earlier. It is always hard. I normally make a point of stopping over but on this occasion I was alone and with limited time, so could not afford that luxury. As you can imagine I was dreading the flight in economy and in this condition. Pippa suggested I try using the geko™ during the flight.

For me it felt like a life saver. It made such a difference. After being so apprehensive the journey turned out to be one of my best. I did not experience any stiffness in the knee or pain during the journey and it was so much more comfortable than normally.

I attached the geko™ only to the knee which had been injured. I did this after boarding the plane. Pippa showed me how and the instructions were straightforward. The first part of the journey to Dubai was around 6 hours. We had 1 1/2 hours change over and then back on another plane for another 14 hours. I took the geko™ off before boarding again as I was a bit nervous of explaining it to security people in Dubai. I applied a new one once on board.

I normally experience swelling of the feet on these long journeys and also get annoying constant pains down the sides of my legs, almost like sciatica resulting I think from my legs being cramped and pressure from sitting too long in the same position. I find that one of the most difficult things to put up with when flying long haul. They used to have foot rests in years gone by which helped giving some elevation but they never seem to have them in economy any more. I have sometimes used foot exercising cushions which can give some relief if you remember to keep exercising with it. However I did not experience any of this pain discomfort or swelling when using the geko™. I was truly amazed.

I can't imagine doing that long journey again without using it. I was surprised to find that rather than my knee being worse it seemed the journey had improved it and I walked off the plane without any discomfort or stiffness. I think it also had long lasting benefits as the stiffness in the night was also markedly better."


Sebastien Sasseville

Profile: Extreme Athlete, Canada - Outrun Diabetes Solo Run (180 marathons in 9 months)

"Every elite athlete knows that the recovery phase is critical to future performance and prevention of injury. As an extreme athlete, recovery is a means of surviving the day to day gruelling impact on my body.

I am in the midst of running across Canada to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. A journey covering 7,500km, that's 180 marathons in 9 months! I am running five back-to-back marathons per week and I rely on the geko™ device as a vital part of my recovery. The device has played a key role in allowing me to recover quicker, train harder and get back out there each day.

The first time I used the geko™ device was 2 weeks into my journey, I did not have access to an ice bath or my recovery boots. After using geko™ I felt just as good the next day. The geko™ is an essential part of my recovery and it makes a huge difference."


Karsten Jensen

Exercise Physiology, Strength Coach to World Class and Olympic Athletes, Founder of Yes To Strength

"The geko™ device increases blood flow - a critical component of recovery - and easily fits in to an athlete's lifestyle. Athletes can make recovery happen with geko™ and thus be able to train more often."


Hayley Wickenheiser

Five-Time Olympic Ice Hockey Medalist (Gold in 2002, 2006, 2010 & 2014)

"During the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Canada's National Women's Hockey Team again took home the gold. I played the tournament with a broken foot and was introduced to the geko™ device by Karla Van Beveren, our physiotherapist. I used the geko™ devices post Sochi to aid my recovery, and for use during extensive travel, as part of my return to training. Post training I find my legs feel lighter and the constant stimulation keeps blood circulation flowing. I don't have the 'cankles' I normally would and my legs feel fresher. I think it's a valuable asset for the recovery toolbox. I like that it's portable and easy to wear. I even sleep with the devices on so that they work when I'm not. Whether for muscle recovery, travel or injury recovery, I find the devices easy to apply and comfortable to wear. They have become part of my daily routine. The product is solid!"